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Emails from our Clients - 1

We would like to say Thank You to all of our Clients. We Truly Appreciate your Business!!!!
And a Very Special Thank You to all of our many Repeat Clients too!


Thanks's been awhile but I have a new addition (Joey, another rescue kitten) that loves the tree!  Joey aka "Jojo" is almost 2 now.  He's on the bottom left.  Jackie's up top, and Jilly's on the right.  Jojo must spend 10 hrs a day in your tree and I've received many compliments on it.  Anyway, thanks again and I hope business is good😸!


Jack, Jillybean, Jojo and Jason McGilvray.
-from Yuma, AZ



We received our tree right on time!  We cannot express how happy we are with everything!  The quality and craftsmanship is outstanding! Not only do our cats love it, we think it looks so amazing in our house!!  No other cat tree can compare to this one.  It was worth every single penny!  I cannot thank you enough for the quality of this product and your outstanding customer service.  The platforms on this tree are just perfect for our large Maine Coon's.  They are so comfortable and they are constantly in it.  We are thrilled! 

I've attached a couple of photos for you.  Please feel free to use them.  If you'd like more, let me know!

Thank you again,  Melissa


Hello Dawn,

The tree is just awesome, the cats are having fun exploring it.

There 6 little dudes here, they were climbing all over the perches when they were unpacked and on the floor (first time they had more interest in the contents than the box it came in).

Marvin (is the face of the franchise, when you have 6 cats, it is a franchise) was the first on on it.

His picture is attached.

I will send a pic of all of them in the tree.

I will definitely be buying more trees in the future.

Cheers, -Greg



We didn’t even get finished setting up the tree before the cats took over. They love the tree. Cuddles, one of our longer residents, is in the tree every chance she gets. Thank you for making such a great quality tree. I wish we had the space for a taller one but this is perfect. Not only do the cats love it but it adds great character to the adoption center. 

Thank you,
Carrie Wolfe
Cat Tales Inc


Hi Dawn,
I've put up the tree--it's amazing!  I just wanted you to know that of all the furniture I've ever tried with them, this is the first that more than 2 of the 5 are using simultaneously.  I think perhaps because they all can't see each other so are feeling more privacy.  All but my troublesome tortie were sleeping on it at the same time!  Thank you so much for making it so beautiful.  I will send a picture as soon as they poke their heads out through the leaves so you can see them.
Best regards,

Thank you so much for our beautiful Christmas tree for our kitties.  All 4 of them love it and I sent a few pictures along for your viewing.  You've done a really great job, so thanks all around.  Simply beautiful. 

Happy New year and a Merry Christmas
Andy & Lynn

Good morning! 
Here is a photo of my cat Jasper enjoying the cat tree. The kittens also love it!



​I just unpacked your artwork and have to say it’s BETTER then I expected! Wow! Thank you very much for such an awesomely made cat tree! It is what I was imagining a true cat tree would look like! I will send you a picture in our kitten room once I put it together. I am still working on the room but hope to have it done sooner then I opened the tree 🤣. 
Thank you for such a great product.

Tarry Smith Sr.
Jensayla Bengals



Good morning. WOW!  I can't believe you have been able to get that scheduled for pick up, what with everything that is going on down there from the hurricane. I know you said you were working on it, but I figured it would be another week or more, and that would have been fine. I have told anyone that will listen that you provide the absolute best customer service I have ever encountered. Ever! Anywhere! I have been amazed with your outstanding product and service and we are honored to have a second tree to display in the house. 

I will definitely send some pics! Oscar and Simon would love to be on your website!
The news has been showing devastation throughout Florida, so I continue to be grateful that you are safe. If there is anything I can do from here to help, please let me know. Prayers are being said and will continue to be said, and I'm happy to help in other ways if I can.

Best wishes,



I have never seen Jake take to any cat tree so quickly, even with the catnip sprinkled on the platform. He is so cautious it usually takes a week. Not with this Tree. So thumbs-up from Jake and you are welcome to use this image on your website if you'd like. I'm going to be telling everyone I know who has cats about A Hidden Hollow's amazing Trees.
-Karyn and Jake


I LOVE MY TREE! And my cats love it too.
Thank you for making such a high quality beautiful cat tree.  These truly are the finest cat trees.


Hi Dawn and Greg:
I wanted to share with you the video of our beautiful cat tree and 2 of the 9 enjoying it. My cats love it and although they all don't perch together, they do take (personality conflicts lol)
I love how it filled the unused space in our family room or living room not quite sure how you categorize it.
I'm sending another email with photos in case you wanted to have them for your records of buyers.
Thank you again. I hope to speak with you again in the future. I will certainly spread the word.

Michelle, Vincent, Bella & Gemma and all 9 kitty cats Names: Jellybean, Sugar, Cookie, Princess kitty, Pickles, Marshmello, Figaro, Boo and Squirrel 


Hi Folks!  I assembled the tree this weekend!  The cats and I are having a wonderful time enjoying our Fantasy Forest Tree!  The instructions were great!  It was a challenge for me physically, but it came out terrific!  All of your helps … matching up painted dots, pre-drilled holes for the bolts and screws.  All of this made a big difference in making the task easy to understand.  I was amazed at the huge box it came in!  Wow!  My neighbors were probably falling over with curiosity wanting to know what it was!  With all the trouble folks are having these days with doorstep deliveries being stolen … this one would put off any robber!
You have the whole thing down to a science.  I am in awe of your creativity and organization!
I suspect this quickly-turned-beloved tree is looking at it’s best right now, so I figured I’d better get some pics of the tree while it’s in pristine condition!  It looks like Yoshi is not going to let the nest and eggs last long.  Although not in the pics, my orange and white male, Rodney, has his eye on the birds.  And Bella is tasting the leaves.  I caught the ferret skrit-scratching around the edges of the lowest level.  Everything is very sturdy and great quality, so I’m sure it will hold up for quite a while and keep these critters happy!
Thanks again for the care, skill and creativity in crafting this wonderful tree!  Here’s the pics … 

Debbie and Katie
Bo, Tizzy, Rodney, Yoshi, Bella … and even Egg!


Hello All, I just want to send a BIG thank you! The boys and their aunt (Ramesses, Romeo, Lupe) love the tree. Everyone who comes to the house thinks that it's a real tree that I'm growing, then see the kitties in the tree. I get soooo many "Wows, oohs, aaahhhs" from it. And the quality is sturdy enough for my huge clan. I am humbled. Thank you again. I haven't contacted you before, as I have since lost my job that I use to e-mail from. Have a great day. Forever a customer, Rachelle 


Hey Dawn,
It was really nice meeting the two of you as well. I got the tree home safe and sound, and already have it put together (minus the top tier obviously). Tiggy has already been through it top to bottom and had thoroughly explored every nook and cranny. You could almost hear her thinking "how utterly cool is this?!" Nermal is still a little weary of it and had only been in and back out the bottom of it, but I'm sure that in no time she will be spending all her time in it as well. 
Thank you for the link to the window flower box. I'm sure I'll be ordering one by the end of the day. Lol.

I've been so excited to get the tree and was especially surprised and pleased that you were able to get the tree done ahead of schedule. The quality of the work you guys did on the tree, and quite frankly, the tree itself exceeded ALL my expectations! The tree looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. You even exceeded my expectations on the wiring of the tree for electricity. I can't believe I was the first one to ask that the tree be wired for electricity, and even though you have never done that to another tree, you did such an outstanding job with it. I'll definitely be sending you video of my cats, Tiggy and Nermal, enjoying the tree once I get all the other goodies put on it like the chandelier and sconce, the flower box I'm going to order, the fireplace and the lights in the tree so you can see it in all its Glory.
Talk to you soon, and thanks again for all of your outstanding, quality work. Tiggy and Nermal thank you as well.

Mark Canterbury   Founder
Water Exercise Technologies


We absolutely LOVE our cat tree! I mean that.
It is a quality item and our cats are in a state of nirvana.
I intend to let everyone of my cat owning friends know about your trees.
Thank you, I am very pleased with our purchase.
All the best,


​Thanks so much it's fantastic !!! She loves it!

Keep in touch I'll be ordering more I'm
Positive of that ! You guys are awesome !
Monkey n Matthew 
Thx again !


Hello Dawn.  Just wanted to let you know that my tree came in yesterday.  My kitties just love it and it didn't take long at all for them to get used to it.  Thanks so much for everything and all of your help with getting the tree shipped!  It is really cute!!!🐱


Hi from Diane in  AZ.  Hayley and Emily wanted to make a sign for their clubhouse.  It was “bery hard” since they had to hold the paintbrush with their paws.  Also, the spelling is a little iffy, but they’re very proud of their results.  They went a little heavy on the “no dogs” part but that’s because they feel very strongly on that point.
The tear around in the tree chasing one another from platform to platform and I’ve tried to video it but it’s like capturing lightening; by the time I can grab my cell phone they’ve moved on to something else.  They love it though, and play and sleep in it all the time.  Here is a photo of one of them, and I must confess they look so much alike I cannot tell which is which unless I see their tails.  I am guessing this is Hayley since she’s the Indiana Jones of the family — always rushing headlong into whatever has caught her fancy at the moment.
Thanks again for your great product!  With very happy purrs from Hayley, Emily and their mom —


As you can see our tree arrived and was assembled in record time.  Your instructions and color coding made the assembly a simple and enjoyable task.  Of course 'los gatos', Pi and Cosmo had to assist climbing and inspecting each piece....
Once we set it up, it took them about 10 minutes to figure it out.  The size of the tree for our sun porch is perfect.
You can see Cos on the right, Pi is hiding on the left. Their behavior in and around the tree tells us they approve of their new 'cathouse' in a BIG way
Your careful attention to detail, results in an outstanding finished product. You should be proud of your work.  I am sure it brings joy into many homes across the country.  
Thanks, and warm regards.
John, Susan y 'los gatos'


Good Afternoon,
The tree is great! Everyone loves it, including the fur babies. They were a little timid of it at first,

but was coaxed by snacks…lol.
It is very sturdy, and the platforms are very generous for my large babies.
The first photo is of Ramesses the 30lb trying to tear down the 7’ Armakat tree (I gave that away). Obviously, that tree was only a temporary fix for them when they were 8mths…
The remainder photos…well, let’s just say I finally am happy w/ “A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”…lol
Thank you again for your great & hard work. This is truly a work of art. I will be raving about this for years….

Ramesses 30lbs and Romeo 25lbs., Photo w/ tuxedo cat at bottom is Lupe 13lbs
Have a great day.



Good morning,
We received our tree yesterday and love it!  My husband and I are impressed with how well made it is.   The assembly was very easy and it looks perfect. 
Our cats were a bit suspicious last night but today they are having a ball.  Climbing to the different levels, chasing each other up the tree and exploring it.  I am not sure the birds will last very long but that is the nature of the cat 😀. 
Our neighbor stopped by to check out the tree and was very impressed .  I believe she will be ordering one soon. 
Again thanks so much for your talent in making such a fun tree and in your great customer service.  We will gladly recommend you to all our cat loving friends. 
Have a great day,


​Thanks so much for the tree. It was better than I expected. Went up very fast... I was able to do it on myself with the chair. And a picture of it with my two cats are on my Facebook page.
I forgot to say I really really love the tree. And my cats really love the tree. One of my cats made it fairly difficult to put it up because she wouldn't get off.....



I wish  I saw your ad a lot sooner.  All my life I've had cats they would have loved this tree. My daughter is an LNA and she showed her co-workers the pictures of my tree and one of them wants to order one for her cats. Not only does my sunroom look great but the cats love the tree. They are in it every day and night, they don't sleep with me anymore, they live in the tree. Again thank you so much for making a great product that cats love. I'm so happy!!!!!​

The first cat you see is Momma Sheba then her kitten Sophia and Oliver. Then  Emma my foster hospice cat. As you can see my sunroom looked like shanty town with the old cat tree now WOW!!!!!! Thank you so much the tree looks great and fits my home and babies so well.


Good morning!
I am sorry that it has taken me so long to email you and tell you what a wonderful cat tree you made for my babies!  For about 6 weeks, the only time they would be in the tree is if I put them there.  I couldn’t understand how cats that are curious about EVERYTHING we not climbing all over the tree and checking it out!  Finally, a friend told me to put some catnip on the platform.  I hesitated at first because I didn’t want them to get stoned and fall out of the tree but as each day went buy and I saw the tree was always empty, I decided to give it a try……..and it worked!  They are in it all the time!  I have put up some blue and white lights and it really looks good at night in my living room with all the other lights off.  My cats absolutely love it, they sleep there and I even find toys up there!
Thank you so much for making such a special tree!  I wish I had done it sooner!
I have attached some pictures of the cats in the tree.
Thanks again!



The cats have had their tree a week now and they love it! They sleep and play in it every day :) 
I've attached some pictures of Princess Fluffy Cakes, Gray Kitty and Marshall so you could see them in the tree. 
I'm very happy I finally ordered one of your trees. The quality and appearance of your trees are far better than anything else you can buy. Thank you so much for making them! 



​Thank you so much! I have one VERY happy cat! I've attached a few photos. She is in heaven! 
Thank you again!



Hi Dawn,
We just finished building the tree and I wanted to tell you how happy we are with it.  Thank you very much for a great product and all the little extras that you threw in, especially the lantern. That was vey nice.  It is obvious that you really care about the quality of your products, their construction and really giving truly excellent customer service.  That makes you a very unique company these days and a real pleasure to deal with.
I am going to try to add the extra leaves to our old tree to spruce it up but I am not very artistic so it may turn out a little “Charlie Brown” ish.   I will send pictures when I can of our cats enjoying the new tree.  Maybe you can put them with their old pictures in their old tree on your site.  The last time I looked they were still on the 4’8” Enchanted Tree page.  Thanks again.



​​Hi Dawn,
Just a quick update. The tree is awesome!!! No sooner did I put away the assembly tools and the little girl cat was running up and down the tree. The big boy bravely joined her the next morning!

They have claimed their new tree and now it's the first place that I look for them each day.  They are energized and interested by their new space.  Many friends who have seen the tree are impressed with its quality and artistic design.
Thank you immensely.  They loved the toys as well. I will forward some pictures to add to your website if you desire.

Have a great day!


The tree is absolutely beautiful!  I was a bit anxious purchasing from photos but it's so much more than I expected. The boys LOVE it as do I.❤️
Thank you so much!


The cats (and dog) love it. Here are a few pictures. Feel free to use them on your website.

Hello from Calgary, Alberta, Canada:
Thank you so much for shipping this Fantasy Forest Tree to my cat family of 4: !  They love, love, love it.  All of them sleep and play in the tree constantly.  Even my 11 year old who does not climb at all.  She has come to life and absolutely enjoys spending hours sleeping and playing in the tree. 
All of my friends also love the craftsmanship and how esthetically pleasing the tree is inside my home.
Caili, Kelso, Jax and Mikey all thank you for their new tree:  It is a dream come true for them.


Olivers new bed arrived. He LOVES it❤️🐾. Thank you so much. I will send photos soon 



(Translated from Japanese to English:)

A Fantasy Forest様
That arrived safely!!
That was such an exciting moment for me.ヽ(*´▽)ノ♪
My kittens were favorites very much since before having decorated it !^^
When I decorated it, they helped me....No, it's not!
Because they played happily, they were obstructive very much.\(-o-)     That was a very fun time!!!
The kittens liked a very beautiful tree very much❗
And they fell asleep on a beautiful tree at night.
The trees which you made overflow in a dream really beautifully and happily!!!!!!💕It is the feeling that there is totally in the picture book of the fairy tale.
Thank you for a splendid tree!

We would like to sincerely thank all of you.💝💝💝💝💝
💕💕💕💕💕💕I attach the photograph of my kittens.🐾
Noriko Furuta  



​Hey There,
It came yesterday, we think it’s awesome!
It’s amazing. Better than I could have hoped for.
The quality, fit, and finish is very impressive.
It’s a functional piece of solid built artwork.
I liked the way all the fasteners were organized and the ease with which it went together. 
I must say that Americans really know how to deliver quality customer service. 
I’m proud to own something hand built in the USA with pride. 
I’m leaving the top sections off till I get into a place with a taller ceiling. 
Hopefully I can get you some more business from within my circle of cat people.
I’m already thinking of a second tree for my partner and I.
I will send you some pics in due course.
Thank you very much for building this tree for me. I really appreciate it!
Best regards,



Dear Greg and Dawn
We’ve been in the UK for five weeks, busy with other commitments, and as I wasn’t able to set up my tree before I went, I asked my son to do it for me while we were away, with a photo diary showing me every step of the way.  I was disappointed I couldn’t do it myself, but my son didn’t disappoint me, and I was able to share in the excitement of setting the tree up.

I LOVE IT!!!  You are so talented and blessed, to make such a thing of beauty.  My cats love it too, as you will see from the attached pictures.  It’s bigger than I estimated, but is just right for our two Ragdolls, being such a big cat breed.  It is perfect.
The unexpected gifts you included have just blown me away, and I can only pray that God will bless you mightily for the joy you provide others, and the generosity of your hearts.

God bless


Thank-you so much for my tree! It is absolutely beautiful. I can't believe the amount of detail that you have put into it and the quality and design is amazing! My cats love it and hang out in the tree all the time and a major plus is it helps keep them off of my furniture now that they have their own place to go. I am so happy with my purchase. It is a gorgeous tree that I have no problem showing off in my house. Even though it is a cat tree it really is a work of art!



Hi Dawn my tree arrived today I got it all put together and it is perfect!  Thank you so much we all love it. Margot


​I just received my tree yesterday. It is beautiful!!!! It's even better than I imagined. Thank you so very much. A special thank you to Dawn for making my tree perfect. I will recommend you to everyone.
Sent from my iPad


We received our tree and got it set up, and it is beautiful!!!  Thank you so much!  We love it!!
Sarah ​


Hi Dawn,
My "Weirwood" Fantasy Tree arrived yesterday in two enormous boxes! :)
First - this tree is so beautiful - you guys are absolutely amazing.  The detail and colors couldn't be more perfect!  The gray color is gorgeous - I absolutely love everything about it!  And, the leaves... OMG, they are really cool.  I was so nervous about how much we spent on them, but I think they were worth it.  They seem very durable and are such a pretty color.  
My husband is out of town, and I haven't found anyone to come over to help yet... but, I cheated a little bit anyway and got the first platform levels put together myself last night (I am 6' tall, so I had a little help)!
Thank you again for such a beautiful piece of art for my home and kitties!

Thanks, Greg & Dawn! You guys are amazing artists and created something truly spectacular with your business. I can't thank you enough for building this custom tree for me and my family.  It's  truly one of a kind and we couldn't be happier! 😉 

Warm Regards,


It is Meredith from Australia. I was the first Australian to buy one 5 years ago.
Just thought I would finally send through a photo of my cats enjoying the tree.
They love it. 
I remember my daughter who was 5 at the time helped me put it together and we had it all assembled in 20 minutes.

The little tabby with the glowing eyes sleeps exclusively in the tree and that was the first time she wasn’t in her usual spot.  The white and grey cat is in her usual place.  He changes locations on a regular basis. 
I did take photos to send when I first got the tree but they were with my SLR and the photos were too big to email.  These are with my smart phone.
Thanks again. The cats really love it.


Just wanted to let you know tree arrived on time and in perfect condition... Assembly was easy with the instructions and the kittens (Hündy and Molly) LOVE it!!! They are constantly in it. Thank you so much!
Here is a couple pictures of them enjoying the tree...


Thank you again!!
Sent from my iPhone


Our tree arrived in perfect condition and we are so pleased!!  We are amazed at the detail and craftsmanship. Our cats have enjoyed climbing and playing all over their new tree. As you can see from the pictures, they think the tree is amazing too! Thank you for designing such a beautiful and unique product.  I will be sure to recommend Fantasy Forest trees to my friends!

Sent from my iPhone

Tigger Bear definitely loves his tree you built for him a few years ago. 

He spends hours in it every day

Included some photos


Thank you for the early delivery!  I have it set up by my bed, next to her side.  She loves it of course and it's been two nights, but both of those she spent apparently reinacting Goldilocks and the three Bears.  She starts in her new tree, steps off into her cat bed which is on top of my bed and then eventually slips over with me and hogs the
But truly I thank you for making such a unique product.  As I've said, Nala is a bengal and we live in a high rise condo.  As a young one, she went everywhere with me.  She loved to ride in the car and go visit parks to watch the squirrels.  As she has aged and her allergies worsened, she's opted for more time playing and lounging in the sun.  But these trees must really remind her of her descendants, the Asian Leopard.  They are a newer breed and Nala still has plenty of her ancestors traits.  Your trees (since they so obviously look like "trees") have really brought out something native in her and I truly have never seen her enjoy anything like she has these trees.
I looked through your photos before I made the decision to purchase and I noted several bengals lounging around looking quite natural.  (Great feature by the way.)  I love family businesses (having been raised and worked in one) and have lots of photos of Nala in her new trees that I show to friends and family.  I want to add that the birds and bird nest are a nice addition as well.  I gave them one day before Nala destroyed them but I give you kudos for those!  Nala chews things and the bird heads are holding up great.  (Thanks for gluing the eggs down so well because she spent 15 minutes pawing, biting and doing everything she could to eat them before I opened the bird pack and got one on top of the eggs (so she could chew it's
I'm sorry to be so long but it's because I'm truly grateful to you for enhancing our lives.  If you ever need a recommendation or if someone is one the fence about a purchase, I'm your gal.
Thanks again from the both of us,
Carol and Nala

Thanks so much. We are redoing our living room and you were the only vendor so far who did what they promised. What a great experience. I'll send pics once the banshees get settled.

Hi, Just wanted you to know the tree arrived. We LOVE it! It was so easy to assemble and the boys are already playing in it.  You did an excellent job on instructions and the tree is truly a piece of art. Cheddar also very much loves the little yellow mouse you sent. Thank you so much! Adriana PS Pictures will follow soon:)

Hi Dawn. We got our new tree yesterday couldn't believe how fast delivery was  Our tree is so beautiful we are so pleased with your service and the craftsmanship is exceptional. It's exactly what I was looking for can't thank you enough. I love that our cats are often in the tree and you can't see them they love it too. It sure is a show piece our friends are so amazed they are left speechless.  They all say how incredible it is. Hope you like our decorating and find the four kitties in the tree. Thanks ever so much.  Susan Stockill

About 2-3 years ago, I bought two beautiful trees from you, I put tempurpedic cushion in both of them. One was a light blue island tree and the other is a seven foot green and brown tree. The tall green tree is the centerpiece of my home. I have moved twice since. Everyone who comes over stops and stares at it. Cat owners are envious. They were worth every penny. I just had my first baby 16 months ago and he leaves the trees alone. I have four cats and they still sleep in both trees. I am getting ready to make-over my seven foot tall fantasy tree with new flowers, birds, and butterflies. Thank you so much,

Dear Dawn
Thank you so much for making this amazing tree for my kitty.  Please congratulate the artist that made this wonderful piece of art.  She is so happy.  Here I send you some pictures so you can see how it looks.  I will send you the pics with the decorated tree later on for your archives.
Thank you so much again!!!

Hi Fantasy Forest team,
Today a year ago we picked up our tree in the port of Antwerp.
We're still very happy with it, and our cats even more :)Keep up the good work!!
Greetings from Belgium,
Verzonden van mijn Samsung Galaxy
Dear team,
I just wanted to update you on the tree and send you some pictures. It is in place and looks just fabulous! Luna absolutely loved it straight away and spends a lot of time on a couple of the platforms. Moet has now managed to navigate it and loves it a lot. We are all so happy.  :)
Please feel free to use any of the photos on the website. They'll be very proud.  The grey one is Luna and the Cream one is the blind girl Moet. I'm also about to adopt a second blind 12 year old rescue cat... so maybe she'll also enjoy it!
All the best!
The new rescue fitted in just fine and since then I've adopted a 4th kitten - who is also blind. Just yesterday she climbed into the tree (picture attached). 
We're now a full and happy family. 
Dr. Emily Shotter

Thanks so much for all your time and the tree - I really appreciate it. Yes i paid a considerable cost to get it here but i dont regret it for a second. From the minute i unpacked the box my two cats Kara & Jaxon would not give me a second of spce to build it (I loved every moment). Eventually as the tree was beginning to show its beautiful structure my two little ones were with me every step of the way. Here are some photo's of them just beginning to enjoy the tree.  
P.S - I first seen your tree through Jackson Galaxy on Foxtel TV.
I'll send through some more of the better photo's as i get them - You are welcome to use me as an advertisement from Australia - Im happy to be an advocate - Goodluck & Thanks.
John Papoulkas
Hello Fantasy Forest, 
I LOVE my tree, and so do the kitties!! I wanted to send you guys a couple photos, but can only text them. Do you have a phone number I can send them to? The box also arrived on my birthday :) how special! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You guys rock! 
We got our 7' Fantasy Tree about two years ago, and our 8 cats have used it every day. The tree has taken some abuse - jumping, climbing, scratching, wrestling - and still looks great. Thanks for building such a fabulous product!
Attaching a few photos, enjoy!
Tara & Chris
Plano, TX

We put up  both trees.  Opening the boxes was like Christmas with all the
special gifts and toys - thank you so much; What a surprise. 
Both trees are amazing, very sturdy, QUALITY job - please thank everyone
who built and shipped them.
Two of my cats run up and down and lounge.  Unfortunately the older cats
are just too old for new things.
My cat Fawn loves bugs so I put fake bugs all over the trees and while I
watch TV - the bugs keep flying out of the tree as she finds them.  Fawn
also carries some of her toys up to the top.  She loves hiding in the
leaves, it is amazing to watch.  The trees are beautiful.  The 8 foot
tree is upstairs in an empty bedroom with high ceilings.... and when I
go into the room; Fawn runs up the tree.
Thank you for these incredible trees; I laugh every time the cat hangs
off the tree.  The workmanship is the best, true quality.  The trees
look so real.   As soon as I have a chance I will send you some
I wish you all the BEST!  
Warm Regards,

Hi there,
Wanted to send you a few early pictures of my kids and their fabulous tree!  They just love it!  They chase each other in it and jump into the holes making their way up to the different platforms.  My friends are just amazed at this tree!  Thank you so much for getting it built so quickly.  My boyfriend is going to take some professional pictures of them in it and I will send them to you when I have them.  For now, just wanted you to see how much they love it!
Thank you again!!
I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of Custard & Luna in their new tree :-) They are much more confident now and will go up to the top level to sleep. They often fight over who gets the top level actually!!

Hi Fantasy Forrest!

 A beautiful tree has sprouted from the floor of our lobby and the cats love it!

Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know that the tree came on schedule and it really did live up to our expectations.  As a long time woodworker/cabinet maker I can attest to the quality of the engineering that went into your product.  It went together flawlessly and the overall fit and finish rivals anything you would see in a high-end theme restaurant.  The cats have already taken to it and my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to make the tree a part of the top to bottom remodel of our home.  I’ve already posted pics on my Facebook page and my friends were amazed.  Congratulations on doing what you love and in a way that made it a pleasure to business with you.
Warm regards,
Denver, CO

Thank you so much!!  Ares and Zeus LOVE IT!!  As promised, here are some pics J
I will definitely recommend your company, as I am so happy with the level of professionalism of working with you and the quality of your product!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tree!!
Thanks again!

Just wanted to take the time to let you know how TRULY HAPPY we, and the rag dolls, are with the tree!  To say that we all LOVE IT would be a gross understatement!  

The craftsmanship and the quality of your product and service are impeccable! It truly is worth the money.  Admittedly, when we first perused your website, I didn’t fully appreciate what I was seeing and the work and care that is involved in building these magnificent luxury cat towers.  Now that we have the product and can see it first hand, I fully understand the price.  Great quality and great service!  Thanks again!  We’ll be sending pics of the happy babies later on!

Warmest regards and heartfelt thanks,

Ron & Madeline, & Evie, Annie, & Louie, a.k.a., the Rag Dolls

Dear Fantasy Forest,
So sorry for not getting back to you earlier we are in the process of having our house renovated.  We got the tree Thursday.  Got it all put together (with the easy instructions), and my god how awesome it is and looks.  It was well worth it, excellent job.  I got to tell you, having put together it looks far greater than any pictures we saw.  We love it.  Our kittycat's love it too.  We have five cats, Miss Kitty and Shane are 9 month old kittens they love it too.  Shadow is the male alpha cat, and he has established his spot on the tree. 
Miss Kitty thanks you so very much for the cute almost meals-on-wheels surprise you included.  She also hung a NO DOGS ALLOWED KEEP OUT sign. HAHAHA.
The whole family voted to put CAT HOUSE, on the sign plaque you included.  We just got to make sure the city does not find out cause I'm sure there is some code violation with a heavy fine.  HAHAHA
I will send some pictures later.

THEY LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!  From the time we took it out of the box they were all over my hubby while he assembled it.  What a quality product and your customer service is the best - GREAT JOB!  Thank you for the special kittie toys included - you have another happy customer :)

I received my tree and it is even BETTER than the pictures! One of my cats practically lives up there and even sleeps up there. Thank you so much. This is a great investment and worth the wait (which ended up being 6 months earlier than predicted). Thanks again to everyone who helped me get the tree I wanted for my cats!!! Ginny

Dear A Fantasy Forest,
We are sorry we took so long to write!  
We want to Thank You very much for the tree!  It is worth every penny!  Mika loves it !  She was spayed the day it arrived, and I had the flu, so we were a little slow putting it together, and then had to wait a few days before we could put her up in it.  Even though she couldn't jump around on it ect, she took to it right away, even wearing her cone!  Now that she is all healed she races all over it, and sleeps in it!  Thank You for the bag of goodies too!  Mika loves them also!  The tree is just so beautiful, you all do an amazing job!  We love our tree!!!  
Sincerely,  Adam Sherrie & Mika!
Happy Holidays!

Hi Greg,
Hello from Aotearoa
Tree arrived last week and looks fantastic.
It was very quick & easy to assemble and thank you for the birds & lantern
Both cats have been exploring the tree but our female cat, Inca, especially seems to have made the tree her own! 
Great service as well.
Thank you again.

I got the tree and built it up in this long weekend.  My cats love it especially that main platform. I never saw any two of my cats (I have more than 3 cats) shared same space.  But, two of them, Pixie and May, did share that main platform last night. 
Thank you and best regards,
Hi Dawn,

Just wanted to let you know we received our beautiful tree!  Keiko and Sumi love it��. We love it!  We will be sending you pictures in the future.  My husband works for the Los Angeles City Fire Department and he is currently going to UCLA for Paramedic School.  Therefore, him being the photographer in our family, he hasn't had much time to do anything at home but study.  He's on the home stretch, so hopefully we can send you some soon.  Thank you again for making our life wonderful��

Hi Friends at Fantasy Forest,

Thank you so much for the new cat tree!  I love it!  So many thoughtful details and it fits just perfectly into my loft.  In fact, I've rearranged the furniture just so the cats would have the best view in the window while sleeping in the tree!  We're taking spoiled to a whole new level!  Haha!  Anyways, all my grateful thank yous for my new tree and for the work you do to make sure the kitties know they are appreciated in this world!  :)
Stephanie, Krishna, Khemet and Sundari  

wow great tree the cats love it !! took them 2 secs and all 5 were in it lol funny as hell :) thank you :)

We wanted to thank you again for our AMAZING cat tree!! We love it and our 4 Kitty's love it too!! It's Pur~fect!! Thanks again & it was a pleasure doing business with you. 
                             Tina & Steve

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I love the two trees you sent.  The cats love them too.   Anyone who sees them are just amazed at how beautiful they are.  Thank you so much for the great service and the amazing craftsmanship.  Take care

Thunder Bay, ON

This is one of the best pieces of furniture I have spent money on-EVER!  The cat tree is fabulous and our cats love it. They have spent so much time exploring and lounging around and playing.  Sherekhan has taken a bunch of toys to the top to hide them and Svengali throws the toys down - while Niels is just trying to claim his own spot.
Thank you so much for the coolest cat tree in Alaska and Thank you for the lovely lanterns that will add a warm glow to winter nights!
Best Regards

Our tree arrived Thursday 7th august at 1100am. I assembled it yesterday, and when Pat got home, she was absolutely stunned. Pat said it looks even better in real life than it does in the photos. This tree was Pats 20th wedding anniversary present, and she is just so happy, and the cats just love it too. They have been all over it and hiding amongst the leaves and of course lying around and sleeping. I also was very impressed with the way it was packed, with all the bubble wrap and paper, you certainly made sure our tree was not going to be damaged in transit. Could you also thank Discount Shipping  as it only took 6 days from pick up to arrival here, which was really good. The only tax we had to pay was when it arrived in Sydney, $325-00 to customs, so we are really happy with the total package. Thank you all once again,

Paul & Pat
PS: If Pat had her way, she would have two more.   

Sent from Windows Mail

I just wanted to follow up and let you know how much all 4 really enjoy your tree!  It has been a little hard on getting a photo of all 4 when you can see them all (they like to ‘hide’ in the leaves).  But i attached a few photos to show you how much all your hard work is being enjoyed by some very happy kitties :) 
there are all 4 kitties (one on each level) in the first photo (gray and white cat on top, calico on next down, a bangle on the next and his brother on the first level)… the two older ones are enjoying the tree in the second and third (they are easier to see since they are bigger).  When I get a really good one I will pass it along as well, but I didn’t want you to think I forgot.  

Dear Fantasy Forest team,

Today was the big day we were to collect our Cat Tree from the port of Antwerp.
So we rented a truck and drove the 20 minutes to the port terminal this afternoon.
Once back home we realised the larger box was too big for the elevator, so we unwrapped the trunk, much
to the delight of our neighbours kids, and put it in the elevator to the 7th floor in our building.
The cats were very anxious, Sushi couldn't wait and jumped right on the trunk. I told him to be a bit more patient.
Assembly was quite easy, I was pleasantly surprised, as was my dad ;)
I think it took us 15 to 20 minutes, and there he was, standing tall in our living room.
You can tell you guys are very experienced and you understand how cats think. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, both for us, and for the boys.
Thank you soooooo much for the extra present, the lantern, that is so sweet of you guys. I really appreciate it.
Also the handwritten note, the catnip, the toys, ... very thoughtful.
Our cats are only just getting aquainted with the tree, and already were washing themselves, purring, ... I can see from their body language it's a success!!!
But now it's feeding time, I better give them something fast.
Thanks again, I am totally happy with it, and with your service!!
Big hug from Belgium!!

My tree arrived yesterday,  all put together and my cats (especially Princess (Prinnie)) loves it, she wouldn’t even let me finish building before she was up on the platform, it’s absolutely amazing, I can’t get Prinnie out of it now, even had to put her breaksfast on the main platform this morning as she wouldn’t get down for it..   Have attached some photos of Prinnie (white one) and Baby (black and white) using it.    Thank you so much for your help, you have been brilliant helping organise the shipping and everything, everyone I have shown the photos to are amazed at it.

Just thought I'd let you know they love the tree!

I just wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with the cat tree. It is everything we expected and more. We'll be sending you some pictures soon of our 2 Siamese kitties, Miss Daisy and Abigail in their new tree!
Have a great weekend and thank you again, the tree is beautiful!

The tree arrived today. No issues. She already loves it.

Thank You for making a wonderful product. Quality is unbelievable!!!!

The tree was so easy to assemble.  We had no problems putting the tree together.  Our kitties, Max and Lucy were a little apprehensive about the greet for the first few days, but by the weekend, both are climbing and scampering amongst the tree and platforms.  Lucy loves sleeping on the main platform although there is certainly enough room for both kitties.  And, both love to jump from the table unto the main platform.  I think the tree is a hit.  I will try and send pictures as soon as I can figure out how.  I am sure it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Thank you so much.
Mike and Leila

Sent from my iPad
The kitties are so happy in their new tree!  The craftsmanship is top notch as well as  all the little details.  
Absolutely worth the wait!  The kitties also appreciated the toys!

JT & Brandy

Got the tree.  I don't know if I love it more than Koki and Ella or if they do!  
Thank you so much for your fabulous service to our feline friends and their human!

Hi Dawn

Just wanted to let you know how very much we appreciate Harley's tree. It is amazing! The detailed work is just awesome. Harley LOVES his tree!!!❤ It has been hard to get good pictures he is just so excited and running all around it. He did stop for a few to rub his little face all over the soft fur. This is a dream come true for Harley and me, he can run free in his tree just like every other squirrel out there and y'all made this possible for him. I can not explain the pure joy in my heart this morning. When he calms down I will get more pictures to send to you, right now he is a blur. Have a great weekend and again that you for the amazing Harley tree.

With so much thanks and happiness,

Good morning!  
Well, our little ones were all over us last night as we assembled their new tree house.  Two of the four were crazy about it and one spent the night in his new dream home.  The other two are being cautious, but we think they'll come around. 

Just wanted to tell you we truly admire and appreciate your hard work.  You truly have a quality product.  I'm certain you've heard people tell you this is the best cat tree they've ever seen, and they are right.  There is no need to elaborate on that, because it's flat out true!  We love it as decor and as the adventure tree.
Thank you so much!

Mugsy sleeps in her tree every night.
Thank you,

Dear Dawn,
Yesterday, we got the most beautiful, incredible Kitty Tree up!  Wow, is it beautiful.  Wish I was a kitty!  The feral kittens and their mama were hiding and then when everyone left and I came back to finish up the touches they were about circling the new TOY!  They are timid and shy, however I have seen them up on the first level that we added later!  They love it and I surely will snap a couple of pictures via my flip phone as soon as I can get a good picture up close.  Some are very wild so it will take some time.  I love the lanterns with their little changing lites.  I had a four by four foot cedar platform with wheels built to place the tree on.  It's great the wheels lock but the tree can be moved about the floor.
Your company is so awesome.  What talented people.  Thank you so much Dawn for all the gifts and such profound professionalism in your business practices and convictions.
Thank you ever so much again.
Always, Betsy

Dear all at fantasy forest,

Scott and I would like to thank each and everyone who was involved in the creation of our amazing cat tree, it arrived safely yesterday !  Both Scott and I love it , but more importantly so do our beautiful cats!
Two of our three furry kids (Flynn & Pickle) have taken to it straight away, our third cat Domino is slightly more wary , but we are sure in time he will love it just as much too .
The tree presently dominates our conservatory, but next year we plan to extend our kitchen/dinning room, which will allow the tree to be displayed in a better place .
Both Scott and I cannot thank your wonderful team enough for your fantastic customer care service you provided us . You made the process so much easier and completely hassle free. We very much appreciated how you kept us in the loop at every stage and responded to all our enquiries very quickly and gave us a feeling of confidence that we were dealing with a professional team at all times. We were also very impressed, that despite being customers all the way from "Bonnie Scotland" you were able to provide such lovely personal touches such as the lovely kind words you enclosed on a card with the lantern that has now become a welcome and warm addition to our tree!
Our tree has become the topic of conversation at work, and all my family friends and colleagues cannot wait to see it ..... We will be sure to post pics on Facebook , including details of your website , promoting your fantastic work !

Thank you once again !
Best Regards,
Denise and Scott

Our tree arrived today and was very easy to assemble.  The color coding was great!!  As you can see, Cody and Yoda have moved right in! 
Thanks again.  We all love it!
The Cutrights

I cannot tell you enough how much I love this tree! It is probably the coolest thing in my house. It adds such life and vibrancy to my day! Thank you guys so much! I have attached pictures of Tomato (the orange tabby) and Tela (calico) in the tree. Hope you enjoy them! :)

Thanks again!

Thank you, thank you so much for this beautiful cat tree. It came quickly and it was so easy to set up. The tree is so well made and beautiful!! Our two girls absolutely love it!! I love it as well! The tree goes so well with our log cabin, and i truly believe our Siberians think they are in their native habitat. You guys do such a wonderful job on these trees. There are worth every penny. You are so talented! Thanks again!
I have enclosed some photos of our Siberians... Mishka just turned 4 and Sasha is 8 months old.

OH! WOW! the tree arrived a few days ago, it is beyond awesome we love it and the boys were exploring
as soon as they saw it, they looked at me rather puzzled and went to work on the tree.  It is absolutely
wonderful and everyone who has seen it so far has OH OHHHHHHHH and awed !!!!!!! we put in the Parlor
since it is a bit smaller, everything is great thank you so much


I just wanted to let you know that I received our tree and got it up this past weekend.  I love it.  And thank you for the ivy on the trunk and the little toys for the cats.  I love the touch of ivy. 
Two of the cats are enjoying it very much.  The third is just taking her time in checking it out.  I've attached a short video of the youngest (Bagheera) playing in it last night.

Thanks again,

With a little encouragement from the catnip, the boys have already started to explore it.
Thanks a lot! It looks great in the house....

I love the cat tree it is so amazing.  Thank you so much words can't describe how great it is.  
Dawn and all my cats

Sent from my iPhone

The boys think their tree is better than tuna they go over it and then stare at me with a surprized excited look and continue to look at each other wondering if they are in the woods,
pleasures me to see them so astonished and excited.

The tree arrived today and we love, love, love, love it.  It is everything we hoped it would be and more!  My son said "Now I want to be a cat". 
The kids and I put it together ourselves...amazingly.  Usually I leave assembly to my husband but the kids and cats couldn't wait.  The only problem was that the 3" lag screws wouldn't go in all the way..there is a little bit of a gap at the top when they are in , but once we put in the brown screws everything was nice and secure.   I'll have my husband double check our work but feels very sturdy and looks fantastic.
Thanks you sooooo much!!!  You build a wonderful product and it was well worth the wait, which was much earlier than we thought it would be anyway.

The tree is a huge success!  Thank you for your time & excellent craftsmanship.  I have gotten nothing but compliments.

Thank you sooo much!  It is beautiful and my little Mugly LOVES it. She is having so much fun. 

Sent from my iPhone
I've been meaning to write you. The tree house is beautiful. Even the dog lives it.
The cats are still small so we put them
On it and take them off as they don't know how to climb. Hope you had a great Christmas  and a happy new year.

Kitty's beautiful tree arrived yesterday and is ready for action.
My other cats are enjoying it but at this juncture the kitty I wanted it for is afraid of it.I'm sure it will take some time.
My dog Lola,the Coton de Tulear is coveting it and tries to keep all cats away! She is very possessive!!
Thanks again for everything!I truly appreciate it.
Best Wishes,


WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Got it put together last night! Thank goodness for my little ole dad and his drill.  Well sort of.  The battery wasn’t fully charged so we would drill a couple of bolts and then have to take a break. LOL  Afterwards we sat in the livingroom – and just admired it!  I don’t think I will ever tire of looking at it.  And the cats… oh dear – my little Velvet has declared war on the others- she kept looking at me as if for confirmation that it was solely for her.  It was so much fun to watch them play in it and on it!  Thank you again so much!  I’ll be posting a picture soon on your website of my kitties in the tree.  Don’t be surprised if you hear from me again one day – ordering another one afterall  I’ve got a bunch of kids… huh… I mean cats!!!


OMG, I just wanted to write and let you know what an AWESOME product you manufacture. 
The design really takes the cat’s desires into consideration, making it irresistible to them.
My kitties are LOVING it.
Attached are two photos of one of our cats, a Lynx point Ragdoll, named Felix, who thinks he has arrived at heaven’s door, every time he sleeps on one of the  platforms.
Warm Regards,

Hey Dawn,
Sorry it has taken me so long to update you. We love, love, LOVE the tree. It's in our bedroom so it had to look great AND it does.  Both cats use the scratching post, so I am so glad I ordered that.  The smallest, yet bossiest cat has taken over the entire tree.  I have to place my older, more quiet boy up there myself.
It is absolutely my favorite pet item ever.  The craftsmanship and loving design are heirloom quality( if only it lasts that long). Just an outstanding work of true art.
I will send pics when I catch up a little here.  Thanks for letting us pick up!  We have you in our thoughts and prayers. 
God bless and Merry Christmas , Barb and Robert

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Hi Dawn and Greg,

The tree came Tuesday ( even a day early:) and from the moment the box came inside the house Punkin knew it was for him! He was running around like crazy, back and forth to the box, it was so funny. And as I opened it and started lifting the parts out, he was all over  everything, sniffing it and playing with it. I had a hard time just trying to put it together because he was so excited with the process and was wanting to climb in it before everything was attached! It was hilarious ! He really loves it! The little 'Africa Safari Serengeti Series Tree' really did bring out the Wild Lion inside of him ;)
The tree is Beautiful !! Absolutely Beautiful!! As I've said before, you both are true artists. It's easy to tell that these trees are made with such love. Thank you for working me in and giving me a discount! And thank you so much for all the little extras!! The ornaments, the toys, And the lanterns too!! Wow! Everything is so so cute!! What a Wonderful Christmas for little Punkin PJ !!  >^..^< ( and me too;)
Thank You,
(((hugs))) and prayers to you both and We are wishing you a most Wonderful Christmas!!
Donna and Punkin PJ >^..^<
ps. when I get better pictures I'll send them :)

Hello There!

I just wanted to let you know that our kitties LOVE LOVE LOVE their new Fantasy Forest Tree. We often can't see them as they fall asleep on the upper levels hidden amongst the leaves. They spend most of their time there. It is one of the best purchases we have ever made. High Quality, easy to assemble, and attractive. Thank You for creating such a wonderful product!
The Jones Family


Hi again..I just wanted to tell you how amazed we are at this tree you made. We just set it up and its beyond what we imagined and we already thought it was going to be great! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. All I can say is WOW! Thank you so very much! !

I received the tree yesterday. Let me just say it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I can tell a lot of work went into making it. It was also packaged very well and very easy to assemble with the help of my boyfriend. I love the look of the olive green fur on the base and shelves – it looks like moss. The fabric bark makes it look so realistic. The little birds and toys were a special treat. I had to lift the cats up onto the main platform. They can’t figure out how to get up through the inside. The one cat jumps up and down to the main platform from the ground. The other two meow for me to help them down when they’re ready to come down. I try to coax them through the hole, and they look down through it, but they haven’t used it yet, or the shelves. Hopefully they’ll figure it out, but while they’re up there they just love it! It’s very soft and plush. I wish I could use it for myself as a tree house J Thank you again for all of the updates along the way and for your wonderful customer service!
One very happy customer,

Received our tree a couple of hours ago. All put together and our cat is already exploring it. As a matter of fact, she was on the shelves as I was trying to bolt/screw them in place. This is a great piece of furniture for our livingroom and much more aesthetically pleasing to the decor compared to our old typical cat tree/condo.
Thanks for making the assembly a piece of cake and for a quality product!

Good afternoon,
I received my kitty tree Friday and I can’t say enough about it. It is simply amazing, the quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail is extraordinary! The assembly directions were also exceptional; I had no problems what so ever putting my tree together and I was able to do it myself. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing tree, my cats just love it. The sign that was included was so cute; nobody missed a beat in the thought process of constructing this tree. I named my tree “Kitty Hollow”.
Again thank you ever so much.

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to tell you that we are so over the moon with our purchase. Our 3 girls live in the tree. Its just amazing and so much better than we ever expected. Thank you Thank you Thank you
From Donna and Alistair
Newman Western Australia

I got the tree today and it is AMAZING! It's worth every penny.
My husband wants to know if you can come to our home and build a treehouse for us in the back :)
I will send some pictures when the cats settle down. They seem to really like it.
Thank you so much! This is a masterpiece!!!

I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful tree!!! My cats love it!! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone as well as share any of the pictures of my tree!!
It is savings couch from cat hair because both of my cats live in the tree!! If we are looking for them we always know where to start :)
I will email you pictures next Thank you again!!! Kelly

Thanks so much! We love the tree and the cat's do too! We feel like we should have an open house just to show off the tree; it is fantastic, and so much more than I expected! I also really appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism!
Wow. My cats had a reserved spot on my bed every night...... now those spots are empty..... they all LIVE in their new tree! They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!

I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful tree!!! My cats love it!! I would be happy to recommend you to anyone as well as share any of the pictures of my tree!!  It is savings couch from cat hair because both of my cats live in the tree!! If we are looking for them we always know where to start :)  I will email you pictures next Thank you again!!! Kelly Wow. My cats had a reserved spot on my bed every night...... now those spots are empty..... they all LIVE in their new tree! They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!!!
It's beautiful!
Thank you!

Just letting you know that Carlos STILL loves his tree so much. I don't know what we did without it. My son's cats come over and they love it too. They have a big cat party. I'll attach a few pics of Carlos, Cheetoh (Scottish Fold) and Sophie (Bengal).
Hello There!
Our beautiful lil' hickory tree came in today!! It's even more wonderful in person. I've gotten it all assembled and in place awaiting the babies. I can't wait to see them enjoying it; and will be sure to send photos as soon as I can! I love all the little finishing touches too - the little "goody bag" is adorable (and all in pink - YEI!)
Thank you for creating such an amazing item, and for the thoughtfulness you put into all of the details. From the tree, to the "made with love" tag, and everything in between.
Please keep us on the wait list for a 6' tree (either hidden hollow or fantasy tree; undecided). We would love to have a fantasy forest of your whimsical creations!
ps: I love that our tree made it on your lil' hickory page! :)

Cat tree arrived in perfect condition and we finally got it put together yesterday. Your instructions were put together with precision and very easy to follow. The kitties love, love, love it... and so do we! You did such an awesome job and it looks better than we ever could have imagined! The pictures on your website are great, but the real thing is soooo... much better. Was definitely worth the wait and we're so glad that you put such love and care into each one of your beautiful creations... it sure shows!
Thank you again, Donny, Karen and all 6 kitties :-)
PS - My Husband wants another one already... only a smaller version this time. So, we might be doing business with you again real soon.

The tree is better than we could ever imagine. Our kitties couldn't wait for me to put it together. They were on the platforms as I was trying to bolt them down.
Thank you so much. This tree will always displayed proudly in our home.
Good morning. I got my tree yesterday and got it assembled. I absolutely love it and more importantly my 2 boys seem to love it. It took them a smidgen of time to properly investigate it. My Guseepoo was too distracted from one of the toys that came with the tree to bother himself with the tree for a while. I will get some good pictures and send them along. Thank you very much. It's such a fantastic cat tree.

Please forgive me for not e-mailing you sooner! We are so amazed with our tree! I cannot begin to tell you how impressed we are with it! One of our 4 cats are always in it. I am currently trying to decide which tree to order next! Please enjoy the attached pics of the kitties enjoying their tree.
Thanks again!

My cats absolutely love the tree! Here are some pics. The black cat is Shelby and the white/tiger cat is Nickey.
Thought you might enjoy these pics.

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the cat tree. It is truly a work of art. The boys are having a blast. Tree is posted on Facebook lots of inquires, gave out your info and sang praises.
Will send photos. Thank you so much !! All ready thinking about a larger one. ��
Sent from my Verizon iPhone
Hi -
I wanted to let you know that I received my cat tree yesterday and I (with help) put it together today. It is even more amazing in person!! The workmanship is top notch and it is like nothing I have seen before. All of the detail is truly amazing. The fairy door is one of my favorite parts. :) And, I love how the scratch patch is integrated right into the trunk. I almost didn't see it! Thank you so very much for fitting me into your busy schedule! My cats are still checking it out. But, when I get some good pictures, I will send them to you. They haven't quite figured out how to go up inside the trunk to get up and down. LOL. I am sure they will get the hang of it soon.
Thanks again,

Finally got around to sending some pictures of my Diego in his new tree. He absolutely loves it, and I want to truly thank you guys for creating something so amazing. Happy holidays!

I just wanted to thank you again for getting our tree to us so much faster than expected -- our cats are loving the tree (and so are my husband and I) ! It really adds a lot to our decor, and everyone who has seen it thus far is very jealous! I've attached a picture of Damus and Sonja lounging about in their new "toy".
Thanks again!
-Becky & Eric
I received my tree. It is amazing! I love it. My cats got on it right away. The only thing is that now they don't sleep with me in the bed anymore, I miss that. But I know right where to find them. I had to take the birds out of the tree...They have never seen a real bird and they tried to eat one. Thank you so much...GREAT JOB!
Hi Dawn,

I just wanted to let you know our tree yesterday and the kitties LOVE it!
I could barely get the pieces in the house (I brought it in piece by piece due to the weight) without the kitties trying to jump on them right at the door. Once in, they both had to climb on each piece to investigate before I could even start to assemble it.
When I began assembling, they both felt they had to “help” me. I actually had to stop several times… first as they were both trying to get their heads through the main platform hole to see what I was doing in the trunk, trying to catch my hand as I was ratcheting the lag screws in. Once I had that connected, they had to play on it…then take a little cat nap from all that playing… right where I needed to connect the other platforms! J
There really is truth in your advertising… it sure did bring out the WILD in them! Our usually sweet tempered very laid back male really did not want his sister anywhere on that tree to begin with. But, by the end of the evening, they were both sleeping on the same platform. I think they are wondering how they ever got along without it!
Thank you so much for everything and the all the extras like the cute Christmas stocking - they both loved the toys. Our female especially loved the leopard bag you sent the birds in, she thought it made a great hat… or should I place to hide her head?
You make a great quality product that was easy to assemble thanks to the color coding. We all love it… you guys ROCK!
Best regards,

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! The tree is AWESOME, the swinging rope was a huge hit. Thank you for the cat toys, catnip and pen.I will send pictures soon. Worth the wait and worth every penny.

We received the tree yesterday and put it together today (I just got home from a business trip so my husband waited to open it) and our cats love the new tree!
Our youngest Ocicat has been up and down and loves to roll around on the levels! I'm pretty sure this is the best piece of furniture that we have ever purchased.
Thanks so much

Dear Greg,
We are so excited! Our Fantasy Forest Tree has arrived and is now (very easily) assembled . Thank you so very much. The tree is so much more beautiful and so professionally crafted than we would ever have wished for. Greg, you truly have a gift of creativity & design. I will be recommending you to every Kitty lover that we know. We are so very impressed. Also, thank you for the gifts for Jakey. He is enjoying investagating his new tree with the special aroma of fresh catnip! The kittens have not been introduced to Jakey or Nikita Rose quite yet so the tree will be an amazing adventure for them too. I predict an adventurous escape from Niki too!
I promise to send photos and pass on your site to all whom I know.
Thank you again. Yes Greg, WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
Fondly, Lynne, Jim, Jakey Kitty, Nikita Rose, Dexter, Deb (She's my Cali) and Ginger Snap! >.<, ^..^, >.<, >.<, >.<!

We just wanted to THANK YOU for the most beautiful tree we received a few weeks ago; The cats absolutely love it, we love it and guests to our home love it, what more can we say? The quality is outstanding and it really was simple to put together. Pictures will follow and it was soooooo worth the wait!!!
Take care and thanks again!!!!
Vicki, Neil, Darwin and Randal :)


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